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Advanced Auto Fabrication , LLC  located in Spokane Valley, WA offers the
following services

•Ground-up race car construction and
•Race car rental
•Personal trackside race car care
•Corner balancing and alignment
•Installation, configuration, and coaching on AIM data acquisition systems
•Custom CNC parts
•Lifeline fire system servicing and recertification
•Custom roll cage fabrication
•Race car dyno tuning for almost any standalone ECU

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Do you have a high performance car you would like to drive on a racetrack at its full potential? If so, Turn2 events allow you to do just that! We host road course lapping events in the Pacific Northwest that serve all levels of drivers. Whether your first time out, or if you are an experienced race car driver looking to test your equipment and polish your skills, our events allow you to get out and experience high performance driving.

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Qlispé (kuh-lee-SPEH)

The Kalispel Tribe wants Qlispé Raceway Park to be a top local track for hard-core drivers and race fans. Our current plans are to open the drag strip and road course. The oval track will likely not be used for racing events, as it needs new paving and significant additional investment.

The Tribe has also committed to purchasing a new timing system for the drag strip and hopes to have it installed by the end of the 2022 racing season. Improvements to the raceway won’t happen overnight, but upgrades will continue until QRP becomes the top track for racers in the region.

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